Factors Affecting Scrap Metal Prices


Scrap metal dealers have been buying all unwanted metals that people in the household throw away and paying you back.   Prices of scrap metal vary depending on the dealer and the type of the metal, from bras, aluminium, copper, steel, etc.  Based on where the scrap dealer is based, and where the seller is also based, and the quantity available for sale, this two factors will determine the price of the scrap metal.  The prices have been changing in the recent past and are now considered higher, compared to the previous years.  The dealers normally buy scrap metals at scrapmetalpricesperpound.com on a per tonne ratio; however, there are other rare types of metal that are usually purchased on a per kilogram basis.Some metals are sold on a per tonne basis while others which are considered rare are sold on a per kilogram basis, depending with the king of metal.   We look at factors that determine the prices of scrap metal.

The kind of metal for sale is the major determining factor when it comes to pricing he metals.  As a way of pricing the metals, the scrap metal dealers normally group the metals in various categories, and further subdivide them in smaller subcategories.  Metals are also classified according to the sizes, and the primary make as a way of helping in pricing.  So as to get the best prices from the scrap metal dealer, ensure you are familiar with the type of metal you wish to dispose.   Visit different scrap metal yards to enquire their prices on the amount of metal you wish to sell.

Another factor is the location of the scrap metal dealer at http://scrapmetalpricesperpound.com whereby in areas with several dealers, there will be competition and the prices can be relatively high as compared to areas where there are few dealers.   If selling scrap metals in rural areas where there are no refining companies, there will be little or no competition with only one or two dealers available to buy.


Quantity of the metal available for sale will also determine the price as the more the scrap metal, the higher the prices.  Sometimes, it is wise to just accumulate all the scrap metals around, store them safely in a secure yard and sell them in bulk instead of selling in small quantities so as to attract higher buying price.

For more facts and information about scrap metals, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC7NuZY5ZKU.

The weight of the metal during the hot season is not the same as during winter, affecting the prices of the scrap metal during the two seasons.  So as to get maximum value for your metals, collect them and store in a yard safely, later sell them  during the winter season at a relatively high price as companies to the amount you would have sold during the winter season.   Dealers also have a tendency of buying in large during summer and reselling to the refineries during winter season to attract high values.

Prices of scrap metal are also determined by the economic status of the country.   If the economy is slow, there will be less demand for metal since projects that requires metal are not ongoing, such projects been in car and road industries.


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